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Real Testimonials of Really Happy Customers

April, 2018

Hey Dan & Darren!  I just wanted to tell you how beautiful those floors turned  out!  I am so happy with them and I’m glad I decided to do that instead of carpet.

- Cathy F., Lyndhurst OH

February, 2018

Hiring Caswell Bros. for this job was a fantastic decision - they  absolutely lived up to their A rating. Not only was their price fair  (and actually cheaper than some other estimates I got), but their  professionalism was outstanding. They are informative, punctual, and  all-around nice guys. And there was practically no dust to clean up!  Darren and Mike did a wonderful job of making my old floor look like brand new wood. They were very helpful with selecting the  right stain, getting me to look at it from different angles to see how  the light plays on the color. I have a few more floors that need  refinishing and I am definitely going to hire Caswell Bros. again.

- Maureen, Parma Heights OH

November, 2017

Dan, Darren and Harvey did a beautiful job! All parts of the project were seamless. They were very professional and kept us in  the loop through the entire project. The flooring looks wonderful, and  they even put down several stain and coating options for us to choose  from prior to the entire floor being done. I would definitely recommend  them for anyone that is looking to refinish or install new hardwood!

- Sara & Jay D., Cleveland OH

August, 2017 (Angie's List Review)

AMAZING! Responded same day (Monday), visited on Tuesday, quote was delivered Wednesday. At or cheaper than other reputable "A's" on Angies.  Included some light furniture moving at no cost. Conformed to our tight  schedule (we were going on vacation), and sent daily pictures. DO NOT USE ANYONE ELSE! Pros that do it right, without hassle, and respect your time, money, and schedule.

June, 2017

Dan responded in a timely manner to our request for a quote to refinish  floors in our home. Darren and his crew did a fabulous job of bringing  the floors in our almost 100 year old home to new life. They arrived on  time every morning and left the job sight clean and organized at the end of the day. We could not be more pleased with the quality of the work  and the final result.

- John R., Cleveland Heights OH

November, 2016

Caswell Brothers did (in less than 3 days) what 2 other local contractors were not able to do in 8 weeks! No one thought the old wood was salvageable. UNTIL....we found Caswell  Bros. When I first called them and explained our situation, they were  very sympathetic and agreed to come out and take a look. We were farther  out than their normal service area, and yet they agreed to come anyway.  They knew the area and have family local to here. They were kind  professional and honest. They assured us they would do their best to  bring back our original floors. We were  absolutely BLOWN AWAY! They applied 3 coats of a  beautiful finish and the entire job was done in less than 3 days. Now, our floors are gorgeous! I wish we would have found them first! They are truly EXPERTS in their craft. We will never use another floor company  other than Caswell Bros. Truly just cannot say enough about these guys! Top notch professionals, all the way!

- Nicole G.,  Madison OH

April, 2016 (Angie's List Review)

These people were a God sent.  I had called many companies who told me  they couldn't or just wouldn't do the work.  The floors were in very bad  shape.  There were many pet stains that other companies didn't want to  deal with.  When I called Dan and Darren they told me we CAN do it. They told me exactly what to expect being that the floors were in such  bad shape.  They sent me pictures of before, during and after.  You must  be saying sent you pictures? Yes that's right sent me pictures because  although this job was being done in Cleveland, I live in New York.  So  do I need to tell you how hard it is to find good people who wont lie  and rob you blind knowing you are not in the same city, very hard.   I can NOT express to you enough how extremely happy I am with this  job.  These floors look BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!  They are true experts and true professionals. I never would have expected that those floors would  look the way they do.  Dan and Darren thank so very much!

- Myrma S., Brooklyn NY (Project in Cleveland Heights OH)

March, 2016

Sounds good!  Love the floor!!!!  We will definitely be in touch to sand and re-stain the rest of the floors in the future, hopefully near future.

Thank you and your guys are great to work with!

- Erica C., Hudson OH

August, 2015

Dan and Darren were great to work with. Communication from Dan was very detailed and informative prior to starting the job. Darren and Mike  actually executed the work over four days. They were very friendly,  timely, organized and cleaned up well each day during the 4 day duration  of the job. They even finished a day early as they quoted 5 days  originally. Overall we were blown away how 60+ year old original  hardwood floors look brand new again!

Overall these Caswell Bros are 5 stars and we'll have then back again next year to resurface our hardwood floors upstairs.

- James R., Shaker Heights OH

April, 2015 (An Angie's List Review)

I am thrilled with the work Caswell Bros. did on my floors! The floors in my 96-year-old home were in horrible shape. After peeling back the  carpet in several areas, we discovered that large areas of the floors had been painted. Unlike another company I had contacted, when Dan Caswell visited to do the estimate, he was confident that the paint  could be removed. As the work progressed, we found not only paint, but  large areas where the floorboards had been removed and replaced with other materials, including linoleum. Darren Caswell and his crew did  extensive  repair work, replacing the boards, and staining the floors so  that the old and new woods blended together. The refinished floors are  so beautiful that it's hard to believe that they were in such bad shape  before.

- William C., Shaker Heights OH

December, 2014

No, thank YOU guys!!! We could not be more happy with the results.  They’re just beautiful. We were blown away by the process and all the work that went into the project! I will most definitely pass along your name. We had Jame’s birthday party last weekend and everyone was so complimentary. Changed the whole look of the  house. 

Have a great holiday season. Thanks again!

- Laura S., Hudson OH

November, 2014

The floors look fantastic!!!! Thank you both! Jim and I are very happy! See you in the morning. 

- Jim and Susan A., Cleveland OH

September, 2014 (An Angie's List Review)

Dan and Darren Caswell took on our 6000 sq. ft. project when others would not: saving  a 100-year-old house that needed a ton of work.  This was the largest  residential job at the time, and everything went well.  About 2/3 of  the floors were oak, the remainder was Douglas Fir and a tiny amount of  maple. The fir and maple required a lot of extra sanding due to the  softness / hardness, and the oak had been previously sanded by someone  without any skill, so it had loads of chatter marks.  Darren was able to  work those out and helped us pick a stain that makes the floors look  magnificent.   They were able to accommodate our schedule and worked around other  contractors we had at the house. They also made repairs to an area  damaged by our painter and footprints in the polyurethane courtesy of our cat.  Very trustworthy, we felt ok with providing keys so they could come and  go, and most days were 8-10 hours long. When we finish our third floor, there is no question we will hire them again.

- Derek & Mary G., Cleveland Heights OH

September, 2014

Hi, Dan. Thank you for circling back.  I'm glad you got the check.  And indeed- we will call upon you again, depending  upon what we find when we take over the next units.  You were very easy  to work with, honest with us and our need to keep costs in line, and the floors look great, too.

Thank you!

- Elaine T., The Transplant House, Cleveland OH

July, 2014

Dan Caswell called me back (when no other provider on this site did) and  worked my small project into their schedule.  They did wonderful work.

- Betsy B., Cleveland OH

September, 2013

The Caswell Bros. were great.  Dan was extremely thorough with his quote  and recommendations for our job.  He, Darren, and Brandon were on time  and stuck to the timeline they laid out for the work.  They were  professional, clean, we always felt comfortable with them in our house,  and there were no surprises.  Oh, and the floors...they are awesome.  We  couldn't be happier.  Thanks guys for a job well done.  We'll be  recommending you and will call you again if we ever get to the upstairs.

- David & Julie G., Bay Village OH

July, 2013 (Angie's List Review)

We obtained a few quotes and went with Caswell Bros based on our overall comfort level with them. They were not the lowest quote but were  very competitive. I am posting this review almost a couple years after  the work was done, as we had a infant around the time the floors were  done and I never got around to posting a review. Darren and Dan did a great job and communicated well. For the longest time after the floors  were finished my wife and I kept talking about how great the  floors looked. We regret not getting them refinished  sooner as our  floors were in very poor shape because of a botched finishing job from  the prior home owner.

- Heidi & Matt R., Rocky River OH

June, 2013 (Angie's List Review)

The Caswell Bros are great! The brothers are clean, courteous and  professional. My wife and I could not be any happier with their work. I  can honestly say out of a full blown remodel they were the best group of  professionals we have had, hands down. I can also write this telling  you I'm a former Marine and have very high expectations, the Caswell's  met all through and through. We would not hesitate to recommend them to  anyone in the future. A++++++++++

- Amy & Tom P., Rocky River OH

March, 2013 (Angie's List Review)

The results were excellent. Because I had a very short time frame to  install the flooring (since my original home had sold quickly, and  I  needed to move into this home), I had to find someone who could work within my time frame.  The transition had to be seamless.  I got  3 estimates, yet it was Caswell Brothers who  were able to accomplish the scheduling that would fit with my timeline, plus I was very willing and able to work with their requirements, which  included weekends.  Price was a consideration, to be sure, but more  importantly, I was very concerned about the method for going over  concrete.  Caswell Brothers installed a vapor barrier over the concrete,  then plywood, then another barrier, and finally the unfinished  character oak, which they then sanded and finished in the stain I chose  (and they showed me several examples which they applied to the oak  itself). and applied 3 coats of hard finish.  Dan Caswell was there from  estimate, thru sale, thru installation, and into completion.  He was  also very patient in answering all my questions, and addressing my  concerns. Everything Dan said he would do, he did. The communication  during this project was wonderful.  There was never the situation one  often experiences with contractors where they say they will be there, or will do something specific, and nothing happens.  Plus, Dan has a great aesthetic, so if you are having difficulty deciding on the wood, or the  stain, he has good and relevant suggestions.  I want to also mention  Darren Caswell, and Harvey the installer.  The installation itself happened without a hitch.  Their professionalism and work ethic is A#1.

- Kim C., Bay Village OH

September, 2012

Very professional from start to finish. Excellent quality and price. 

- Jeff M., Shaker Heights, OH

August, 2012 - (Angie's List Review)

They do a very, very good job. They are very careful and hardworking guys. They have great customer service and walk you through everything that they do. I would highly recommend them in the future. It's honestly why we used them the 2nd time. Great company.

- Diann & Stephan, Hilliard, OH

May, 2012 - (Angie's List Review)

Dan and Darren are true professionals....more like craftsmen who know  their job. They give you a complete detail of their project, upfront  about their pricing, and does a number of extras along the way. Very  confident when I first spoke with Dan and they followed through with  every detail of the project. Pleasure to work with. Very happy with  their work.

- Carolyn A., Friendswood TX

August, 2011

Dear Dan and Darren,

Thank you again for the wonderful job on our  living room, dining room, and upstairs floors.  The first guy we hired  made such a mess, I didn't think it was ever going to be the same  again.  You were helpful over the phone and help put me mind at ease,  but the floor now is so nice, my wife and I keep catching ourselves  simply staring at it!  The job was finished in two days which was hard  to believe since the first guy had 12 days and all he did was make a  giant mess and your extremely fair price really helped too.  I will  certainly recommend you to others.

- Eric K, Avon OH

April, 2010

Caswell  Bros. Hardwood Floors came to our rescue.  We recently uncovered 850 sq. ft. of hardwood floors that had been carpeted for years in our  new home.  We made the decision to try and refinish the floors  ourselves.  We wrestled with scraping off the old carpet padding that  had bonded to the floor, controlling various sanding machines and trying  to tackle multiple pet stains.  After a couple of months of “weekend  warrior” work, we finally gave up and called for professional help.

Fortunately, we found Caswell Bros. Hardwood  Floors and Dan and Darren Caswell.  They came and evaluated the state of  our floors, gave us a very fair estimate to finish and fix what we had started and were able to start work the next day!  

The end result is truly amazing!  The floors are  more beautiful than we could ever have hoped.  Dan and Darren were  great!  They worked hard, were meticulous in detail and extremely professional.  We will (and already have) recommended them to our friends and family.

Thank you Dan and Darren for your excellent work!

- Chuck and Leslie T., Rocky River OH

December, 2009

"We couldn't be more happy with our floors - all 1900 square feet of them.  They're gorgeous.  Expert workmanship,  professionalism, on-the-job timeliness, up-front and fair pricing, and  straight-forward, honest customer care are benchmarks of this job well  done.  The floor care kit you provide is such a thoughtful touch.  It  has been an absolute pleasure doing business with Caswell Bros. Flooring  and whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone with flooring needs."  

- Carl  and Sue Z.,  Bay Village OH

May, 2009

Dear Dan, Thank you for the great job you did on installing my new wood floor.  You were very professional, there when you said you would be there and you did a great job on cleaning after installation.  I have been  getting a lot of complements on how great my floor looks!!   Thanks again.

- Danny Y, North Olmsted OH

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